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L B Solutions is a small & mid-sized business consulting services firm that helps small and medium business owners increase profits and reduce working hours.

We do this through monthly consulting packages which include two very effective elements; Strategic Advisory Consultations and Implementation Assistance. Typically, we talk with our clients once a week and set up a series of actions that need to be done that week to move towards the ultimate goals.

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To ensure we offer premium small / mid-sized business consulting services, we are also extremely flexible and adaptable to your preferred engagement style. With some clients we have a greater weighting on weekly strategic advisory consultations and they do most of the implementation. Others want to be involved in the initial strategy & planning but then want to be able to let us implement the tactics so they can focus on running their business while we focus on implementing business development strategy and tactics for measurable results.

We focus on delivering tangible predefined initial outcomes with measurable results. That’s right, you’ll actually know what outcomes are going to occur before we begin, you’ll know what your investing in and what results we expect.

How much do our small / mid-sized business consulting services packages cost?

The selection of which monthly package to choose is made by three factors;

  • What you want to achieve?
  • How fast you want to achieve that?
  • What budget you can set aside to invest in business development?

The packages range from Kr 6 970 to Kr 24 970 +MVA per month. The difference between packages is simple, the more you invest the greater the number of hours we all spend on Strategic Advisory Sessions and Implementation Assistance, doing more to get results faster or execute more complex changes.

We have an engagement level to suit a range of budgets and desired outcomes. Our small & mid-sized business consulting services packages come in 5 Levels, from basic help to in depth assistance, contact us for a Free Business Evaluation to find out more.

How long are the consulting services packages for?

Each package of consulting services starts with an engagement of 4 months. We have found 4 months is the perfect amount of time for us to work together to get real tangible outcomes and measurable results. Change does not happen overnight, so 1 month is just not enough time to get great results and lasting change. However, we understand that you (like most small business owners) want to see return on investment ASAP, so asking you to commit to 12 months and to just trust us and believe in some magical step by step system to solve your challenges and reach your goals, is too big a pill to swallow. We need to earn your trust and prove our value. We are committed to doing this in the first 4 months.

In the first 4 months we address the initial needs and outcomes we originally set. At the end of the first 4 months we review, and decide to either;

Continue at current engagement level,

Continue at a new engagement level either higher or lower,

Stop engagement.

What we have found is that clients are very happy with the value they get from us and continue the engagement long term to continually refine the business by working on development across the whole business.


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