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Craig Langdon

As a foreigner (New Zealander to be precise) people often ask me – “How did you end up in Norway?”. To which I can easily reply – “The oil brought me here”.

I originally came to Europe to go snowboarding (sshhh, don’t tell my mum!!)

The more complex question lies in – “How did you become a business coach?”. To which I reply – “There’s a story behind that”

Business coaching is a relatively unknown concept in Norway, but after working with it for a few years now it is definately something that works here and my clients get some pretty amazing results.

My story is as follows:

It all began around the age of 14.5 when I got my first job at a fruit and vegetable shop. It was fairly hard work lifting stuff, cutting stuff (occasionally cutting myself) and putting stuff out on the shelves. The team were great, but for some reason I just didn’t like having a boss. Being a petulant teenager, I probably thought that I was right and he was often wrong and unreasonable!! From then on, I had a vision of my future that I would one day, be my own boss.

After getting an engineering degree and then working in a couple of sales roles for large organisations, my original thoughts were confirmed. I don’t like having a boss, I like making my own decisions and being in control of outcomes. I found the companies that I worked for incredibly inefficient and that I was not growing quickly enough as an individual.

So I became a business coach under the mimosaPLANET umbrella and stared to build up a client base in Stavanger. My dream was then partially realised. I was getting to control my day and at the same time, really helping to make a difference to the lives of those that I was in contact with. It is an amazingly fulfilling process to work with a client and see their growth and changing perception on the way their business can be operated.

After 3.5 years it was time to move away from mimosaPLANET and start a completely independent consulting business. My clients stayed with me and continue to prosper. I get inspired every time I learn of new successes that they had had as a result of the work we have done together.

If you would like to have me as your business coach then just pick up the phone or send me an email. We can have a chat to talk about your business and see if there are areas that we can work on together to improve your business. It’s not scary having a business coach and if you would like to talk with some of my clients to learn more about my services and what it’s like to work with me that just let me know and I will put you in touch.

Best Regards,

Craig Langdon